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Cans of spam stacked high

Image courtesy of Eddie Award via Flickr.com

When we launched a department blog in Public Affairs, we hoped to expand the conversation about communication-related issues on campus. We knew that would take some time but were optimistic an online dialogue could take place.

It turns out that in just a few months, we have had 81 comments submitted to our site. Why haven’t you seen them? Sadly, they’re spam from other bloggers writing generic text so that we link back to their site OR blatant sales pitches for questionable online products. One spammer even posed as designer Michael Kors (curiously posting from Hungary in broken English).

Before this experience, I questioned organizational blogs that closed comments, wondering what they were afraid of. Well, now I know why. It takes time to filter through these false comments. This is a great example of the challenge of applying theory to practice. Best practices are so often easier said than done.

If you’ve had experience launching a blog and sorting through the spam, we’d love to hear from you. But you can be sure we’ll be double checking the content and IP addresses.

UPDATE – Since this blog post, we’ve received three spammy comments that have little to do with the article topic itself, but are generally harmless. I’ve approved them for your reading pleasure.

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