Sharing News

There are many ways to share news with the campus community, including the following:

PolyCentricPolyCentric — To suggest an item for PolyCentric or simply make Public Affairs aware of a situation, email or call (909) 869-3326.
PolyUpdatesPolyUpdates — PolyUpdates is a weekly e-newsletter sent to all employees. To make a submission to the e-newsletter, email a short blurb about your item to by the Thursday prior.
BroncoBytesBroncoBytes — A digest of news, events and announcements is sent to student email accounts every other week through BroncoBytes, a service of student affairs. Visit the link to submit your news or announcement.
Social Media iconsSocial Media — Want to reach out via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and/or LinkedIn? Go ahead and write on the wall or message us. Public Affairs also uses PolyCentric material to create posts.
The Poly PostThe Poly Post — To notify the student-run The Poly Post newspaper about a news item, email
Electronic MarqueeMarquee — The university’s electronic marquees communicate major university-related activities or news. The Office of Public Affairs determines the frequency and length of messages to meet the needs of the campus community. Requests must be made at least two weeks in advance of the desired display dates. Marquee submission form can be found online.
ChalkingCampus Postings and Chalking — Informational flyers that are approved by the Office of Student Life can be tacked on bulletin boards and put on stakes at specific campus locations. Messages can also be chalked in specific campus areas. Visit the Office of Student Life web site and click on “Flyer Post and Chalking Policy” to learn more.