How #CPP1stday Became ‘A Thing’

A photo of students on the first day of schoolFun is a key element in social media. After all, people use Facebook and Twitter not just because it’s useful and provides information, but because it’s fun and engaging.

#CPP1stday started as a fun way to generate and capture the excitement about the first day of classes. Public Affairs teamed with ASI in this social media campaign, hoping to make the first day a buzz-worthy topic. We also wanted to use #CPP1stday to introduce ourselves in the social media world and promote conversations with old friends and new voices.

It worked! #CPP1stday generated hundreds of tweets and retweets on Twitter, lots of photos on Instagram, and hundreds of likes and comments on Facebook. (We won’t even get into Tumblr.) The Storify story shows just a slice of what students, faculty and staff were thinking, saying and seeing. The diversity of thought, excitement and sheer volume of chatter is amazing!

Yes, social media is a lot fun, but it also requires thought and preparation. GAS Creative Group developed flyers to promote #CPP1stday. Public Affairs designed a welcome back message, which included the hashtag, for the electronic marquees. We both planned out a few messages in advance and invited our on-campus friends to use the common hashtag.

On the big day, we posted pictures, tweeted questions, responded to others’ posts and kept up with the multitudes of conversations. What did we learn? Being part of the Cal Poly Pomona family is incredibly fun!

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