Getting News

There is always a lot going on at Cal Poly Pomona, so it’s worth your while to make sure you stay informed about important news and events. Numerous campus communications can help you stay up to date, including the following:

Emergency Alert SystemSafety Alert System — Used only for emergency communication, it is an emergency messaging system that can send Safety Alert messages to phones, email addresses, text/SMS and TTY/TDD devices. Make sure your contact information, especially your cell phone, is up to date on BroncoDirect.
PolyCentricPolyCentricPolyCentric is the official online news site for the university, produced by the Office of Public Affairs. Content is updated daily.
PolyUpdatesPolyUpdates — A digest of news, events and announcements is sent to faculty and staff email accounts every week through PolyUpdates.
BroncoBytesBroncoBytes — A digest of news, events and announcements is sent to student email accounts every other week through BroncoBytes, a service of student affairs.
Social Media iconsSocial Media — Plug in through your favorite social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and/or LinkedIn.
ASInsideASI InsideASI Inside provides news about everything going on with the student government, including events, newsworthy info and much more. It is not affiliated with Public Affairs.
The Poly PostThe Poly PostThe Poly Post is a weekly newspaper run by students. It is not affiliated with Public Affairs.